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Let’s suppose that you ask any of the search engines the question ”what is IP address”. Many links related to your query, as well as the link of this article you are currently reading, will be listed on the screen of your device within a few seconds. This is nothing more than a data exchange in the background of the internet world. This data exchange which can also be called as “communucation between asking and answering parts of the virtual world” is provided by IP addresses. To make it a little more simple and clear, we can say that, all devices connected to a network can talk to each other by using their IP addresses.

An IP address is a unique identifiction number of a device connected to a network (modems, routers, computers, smart mobile phones, printers, smart televisions  etc.) IP addresses help each dvice in a network recognize each other and enables electronic data transmission.

Working logic of internet is constructed on the need to differentiate computers, web sites and network providers from each other. This is the point why an IP address becomes as a necessity.

All internet activities such as website visits, sending /receiving e-mails, watching videos in youtube are in fact nothing but an electronic data  exchange between  the requester and provider. In order this data exchange to be managed, there is an important question to be answered first.

“Who is requesting data/who is  providing data,  How do they know each other?”

The correct answer is IP address. Excluding MAC, it would exactly be right to say that an IP address is the ID number of a device.

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